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The Weekly Ban Report!

Today, Roblox lost one of the original three great movie makers, and one of the last owners of the domino crown, are92, that leaves us with JJ5x5, the last, non-banned movie maker, and NintendoBoy, the last domino crown wearer.

The Weekly Ban report

1. Cool33333-14 days, offsite link (this site lol) 2. Cingularmanxxxxxxx-2 days, swearing 3. Coolmanismad Looks like C’s so far 4. Maddyfiren (what else is new) 5. Amsk8r-IP ban (maybe, he said he may not be on as much do to school) 6. Coldboy79 7. NintendoZACHERY 8. Mightyputty1337,7331,galaxy,universe-Deleted- flaming, spamming. 9. yea-14 days 10. Klayman34- flaming…