OT City: Chapter 3 Fried Chicken and Bob!

*At OTFC* Xy: So you like Off-Topic Fried Chicken? GTA: Who doesn’t? Snipe: Bob…. Cool: But Bob isn’t an OTer! He’s an RTer! Daguy: *spits out chicken* RTers… Who are they? Xy: They can be horrible… OT’s rival… You’re one or the other… And Bob is an OTer. Snipe: Bob’s half, OT… Half RTer… Daguy:…

OT City Chapter 1: The Newbie

You’ve been waiting for the premiere of a weekly story! It might not get out every week, because well I have a life.  And I don’t plan to change that.Well…. It’s what you’ve been waiting for.. Dun… Duhhh DUN DUDUDUDUHHHDUN DUUUNNNN!!!!