Splash Screen Contest

(ATTENTION: THIS CONTEST IS SEPARATE FROM ROBLOX’s)! RobloxFever, is hosting a contest; along with the current contest. This contest will last up-to; a week. Winner will get 500 Robux, just to enter link me a picture of your Splash Screen! Remember to add a watermark, to keep people from stealing your actual Splash Screen! Top 10 will get…


See that ad? the one right there —–> CLICK ON IT. You don’t have to donate,just participate in an interactive ad is all. COME ON! LETS HELP THEM! 😀 😀 😀 😀 ~kunfu11

Please help us,help them.

You see that little widget over there,the socialvibe one? Well if you click on it you can help feed starving children in need. Help us raise at least 100 points worth! All you gotta do is click on it,and follow the instructions to make a “jack-in-the-box room” and then it’ll donate! It’s completely safe,it is…

New contest!!!

Thanks to Mancon123 for the idea of making this a contest. I thought up the theme, but he gave me the idea of the contest. Here’s what it will be about, and what the prizes are: