Obc Groups to much?

Well, there’s been good things in the obc Group’s and stuff, but is it to many? I mean if you have seen it streches half the darn page! Myne’s about at 70 I think and it takes up 1/4 of the page, so you guy’s think it’s to much?

Sword Fight’s amazing adventure.

Well tonight I hear that there will be a major hack, People are going to send 50 people to nil in 1 second then set someone on a plat for at 1 stud before nil. They will see what happens up there. Give some feedback on how fun that sounds 😀

Pink Penguin goes Limited.

Stunning news that the Pink Penguin Tix hat gone limited around 8:30 PM EST. It has been going around somewhat cheaply for 24-50 ROBUX. So buy it quickly before the low prices are gone.

Ticket Tuesday comes to a close..

Backwards ‘R’ Hat – A sweet cap! Frost Clan Hillfighter – So cold that it wraps back around to hot. Space Soldier-The bravest soldier in the known universe. Sir Francis Drake – Woooh!. Tokyokhaos Froggy – Meow, oops thats a cow! Hunter – Pew pew. Prospector – Gold Gold Gold!! Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful…